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Dr. Marlon Lajo is the cosmetic plastic surgeon of Aesthetic Science Clinic, (AS), a clinic for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Yanee Vasquez.

The AS team continuously study your body and skin care needs and provide you with holistic programs and services that help you to be beautiful inside and out. These are tried and tested products available in Aesthetic Science clinic.


1. Kojic soap

Kojic acid is a fungal metabolic product which inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is the enzyme responsiblefor the formation of the skin pigment melanin.
– used as a whitening soap
– has been shown to improve oily and acne prone skin
– may be used as a facial or body soap 2x a day

2. Tretinoin Soap
Tretinoin or Retinoic acid is a vitamin A derivative which is used to manage oily and acne prone skin

3. Glycolic Soap 5%
Contains alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which is ideal for those with dry skin types

4. Dermalift facial wash
Sweet smelling facial cleanser indicated for all skin types

5. Oilatum Bar
Facial bar with emollient properties indicated for those with sensitive skin (atopic dermatitis etc)

6. Physiogel cleanser – facial cleanser for those with sensitive skin


1. Pore Minimizer
– contains alum, which helps to tighten the pores
– ideal for those with oily skin
– apply 2x a day after cleansing

2. Anti-bacterial solution
– contains 2% clindamycin in a hyroalcohol base
– indicated for those with oily and acne- prone skin
– apply twice a day after cleansing

3. Dermalift Toner – indicated for those with normal to dry skin types


1. Chat 2%
– contains Clindamycin, Hydroquinone, Alum and 0.25% Tretinoin
– indicated for those with oily and acne prone skin; may also be used to lighten hyperpigmented pimple marks
– used once or twice a day after toner

2. Chat extra strength
– Stronger concentration of Tretinoin at 0.5%


– Retinoic Acid is the form of Vitamin A

– It helps improve acne by increasing cellular turnover therefore preventing the plugging of follicles which causes comedone formation ( blackheads or whiteheads )

– It controls the sebaceous glands from secreting too much sebum/ oil which can also contribute to acne.
– It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis thus it helps in tightening the skin
– It regulates melanin production thus it can be used to lighten the skin

– It improves blood circulation in the skin leading to overall skin health

– Common side effects when using tretinoin are: peeling / exfoliation , redness / erythema , dryness , sensitivity , irritation , itchiness and occasionally worsening of acne ( acne flare )

– RA creams should only be applied at night together with a sunblock or sunscreen in the morning

1. AS peeling cream – contains 0.05% Tretinoin

2. Essentia cream – contains 0.1% Tretinoin

3. Rejuvenating cream – generic Tretinoin with 0.1% concentration

4. Epiduo
-Adapalene (0.1%) topical retinoid cream mixed with Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) primarily used to treat acne
– May be used as a milder ( less irritation ) alternative to AS Peeling and Essentia creams
– also aids in mild skin peeling and prevents the formation of comedones

5. Triluma cream
– contains 4% hydroquinone , .05% retinoic acid and triamcinoloneacetonide ( mild steroid )
– used for melasma and hyperpigmented skin conditions


1. Acne gel
– contains 5% benzoyl peroxide which is an anti- microbial that effectively kills P. acne
– is applied very thinly all over the acne prone skin 1x or 2x a day
– effective for inflammatory cystic acne
– may be used in combination with Retinoic acid or Adapalene but cannot be applied one after the other ( AM – acne gel / PM – Tretinoin cream )

– be careful in the application of BP as this stains clothing
– some studies have shown that back acne often has a fungal component

2. Duac
– Clindamycin ( AS Phosphate ) plus Benzoyl Peroxide
– for the topical treatment of mild acne vulgaris
– Anti-acne / anti-bacterial / keratolytic


1. Blending cream
– contains hydroquinone 4% which has a potent melanocyte cytotoxic effect ( inhibits formation of melanocytes which produces melanin )

– used to lighten melasma, freckles and dark acne marks

2. Kojic cream

– also used for bleaching / whitening
– ideal for those sensitive or allegic to hydroquinone
– may be used as a maintenance after HQ

3. Armpit light
– contains 2% hyroquinone and 2% glycolic acid
– applied every night to lighten underarm area
– limit use to 2 jars after which shift to Kojic cream / Arbutin cream / Tyro white cream as maintenance

4. AS Kojic lotion with SPF 30
– whitening body lotion used in the morning

5. AS whitening lotion – whitening body lotion to be used every evening

6. TyroWhite cream – alternative whitening cream to lighten underarms and hyperpigmented skin

7. Arbutin cream – alternative whitening cream to lighten underarms and dark spots.

8.Avene Sensitive White – whitening for those with sensitive skin


– AHA are also called fruit acids and are derived from milk and sugars but can also be synthetically produced. It has the following effects:

– Helps retain moisture on skin
– Helps reduce fine lines and uneven skin tone
– At higher concentrations, they decrease the “glue” that holds dead skin cells on the surface of the skin thus leading to exfoliation / mild peeling
– There is an increase in cell renewal leaving the skin smooth and soft
– May be used as a moisturizer

1. AHA 5% – used as a moisturizer 1x or 2x a day
2. AHA 10% – has very mild exfoliating properties
3. NS Face gel – AHA 15% – for exfoliating / mild peeling
4. NS Glycolic lotion plus – AHA 15% for the body
-indicated for dry and rough skin
– regular use may lighten skin tone
– may be prescribed for Keratosis Pilaris


1. Sunblock gel – SPF 15
– gel type sunblock ideal for those with oily skin
– should be applied every 2 to 4 hours depending on activity

2. TD SPF 30 -cream-based sunblock made of titanium dioxide , a physical sunblock therefore it does not absorb UV rays causing no irritation
– ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin

3. AS Sunblock lotion – SPF 30 / sunblock for the body

4. CETAPHIL sunblock – SPF 50 / for the face and body

5. Lab 46 Matte SPF 45 with Tint – ideal for those with melasma


1. BM Cream
– contains Betamethasone , a mid-potent steroid
-for mild inflammatory reactions of the body
– applied 2x a day for 7 days

2. Healing cream
– contains Erythromycin , an antibiotic and Hydrocortisone ,a mildly potent steroid
– used after procedures such as ipl, cautery , etc

3. HM cream
– Hydrocortisone with miconazole cream , an anti-fungal
– for seborrheic dermatitis 2x a day for 7 days

4. Scalp Solution
– Clobetasone
– for Seborrheic Dermatitis of the scalp and hairline
– for severe dandruff

5. Dermovate Cream / Ointment
– High-potent steroid for inflammatory skin conditions

6. Bactroban Cream – anti-bacterial

7. Burrow’s Solution

8. Travocort Cream


1. Physiogel Body Lotion
– emollient / moisturizing lotion
– ideal for those with dry , sensitive skin and also atopic dermatitis

2. NS Glycolic Lotion Plus

3. Slim tone
– recommended as maintenance treatment for those undergoing Liposmash , E-Series , RF and Reshape procedures
– helps in slimming and tightening of the skin


1. Triseryl Eye cream
– applied 2x a day to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes

2. Cernor Eye cream
– specifically indicated for dark circles around the eyes

3. Renew Eyelash Rejuvenation
– for thicker and longer lashes
– applied every night along upper and lower eyelid


1. Avene Skin Recovery Cream Moisturizer
2. Physiogel Cream


1. AS Whitening deodorant
– contains Benzyl , Aluminum Chlorhydrate (not AluminumZirconium which can darken the skin ) and Melawhite as a whitening agent

2. Total Whitening Deodorant – Lab 46


1. Sebamed Anti-Dandruff shampoo
2. AS Tea tree shampoo
3. AS Tea Tree conditioner


1. Tricomn Revitalizing Shampoo
2. Tricomin Restructuring conditioner
3. Tricomin Follicle Spray – active ingredient of Tricomin : Copper Peptides


1. Cernor cover stick


1. Xeragel


1. AS Bath gels
2. AS Body lotions
3. AS Papaya Body Wash


– Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory facial dermatitis characterized by erythema (redness) , telangiectasia , papules and pustules. Cause is unknown. The following meds may be used to manage rosacea:

1. Avene Diroseal
2. Robaz Cream


1. Aluminum Chloride 20% with Whitening
– for hyperhydrosis or excessive perspiration
– applied every PM for 2 to 3 weeks only then use as needed

2. Tea Tree Toothpaste
– may be recommended for those with acne on the chin and perioral area

3. Repigmenting cream
– doctor’s prescription only

4. Avene Eluage
– anti-aging cream for those with sensitive skin

5. Fix Derma Foot Cream
– for those with cracked heel


1. Glutatone 60 Caps

– 500 mg reduced glutathione ; 250 mg Vitamin C ; 100 mg Lipoic acid
– taken once or twice a day
– usually see improvement after 2 to 3 bottles

2. Mosbeau Placenta 10

Developed from the unique combination of 10 breakthrough ingredients from Japan , Placenta 10 tablets contains Placental Protein , widely used in Japan as a skin whitening and anti-aging ingredient due to its propery to increase the production of collagen. Placental extract not only helps in skin renewal but has also been used as a food supplement to support a variety of ailments such as liver , heart , brain , kidney diseases , etc. owing to its anti-oxidant effect thereby reducing toxic free radicals in our bodies. It aids hormonal imbalances ( secondary to menopause and andropause), allergies , and poor blood circulation as well.

3. Colostrum
4. Skin B5
5. Skin B5 Extra Strenght
6. Cetirizine Tablets
7. Coco Nectar
8. Iterax tabs 10 mg
9. Iterax tabs 25 mg
10. Tetralysal capsules

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