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If fatty means “full of fat,” shouldn’t skinny mean full of skin? “

A lot of men have a love-relationship with the V-shaped syndrome. While we work hard to be muscular hunks during peak hours, we waste our downtimes in not-so-healthy activities such as eating excess calories. It’s like saying goodbye to the cult of the mesomorphic gym bunny’ and saying hello to the fat Earth-goddess. Now eat because later you’ll go on a diet. After gaining more pounds than you care to imagine , you get double sized buttocks aside from double chins.

The result is akin to the look of the Chinese Shar Pei, the dog with lots of excess skin. The skin drapes over the buttocks. The thighs are stretched and droopy. The back side of the body resembles a hot-air balloon that has lost its steam, deflating in one direction- that of falling down like dough to gravity. Unfortunately, not all the fat can be burned through excercise or siphoned off thru liposuction.

While most men gain weight around the belly, quite a few males experience fat gain around the thighs and buttocks due to the production of estrogen, a female hormone also present in the male body. Excess estrogen is relatively rare in men. But to the small percentage who have it are also likely to have a womanly shape of slim waist and large ,flaring hips and buttocks- like the proverbial Marilyn Monroe. Jennifer Lopez was called “La Guitara” by her countrymen because of her proportions. But she’s gorgeous and she’s woman. The problem occurs when the inverted- V shape is found in men.

Dr. Marlon Lajo, premier Plastic Surgeon of Aesthetic Science in Makati and Alabang, offers advise. ” Even after losing more than 30 pounds of body weight , excess skin will droop around the thighs and buttocks. The patient, whether male or female , needs a lower body lift. “

Lajo explains that that the lower body lift is a surgical procedure that tightens loose, sagging skin on the buttocks and thighs.”An incision passes around the hip from the back to the front of the thighs. Loose skin and fat is removed below the incision. Skin is stretched and repositioned to create a leaner lower body. Thighs and buttocks are lifted; excess skin is excised.”

The incision is placed below the underwear line or hidden beneath anatomic folds. Dr. Lajo says the resulting scar maybe treated with carbon dioxide laser and scar surgery after the patient has healed.

Swelling commonly occurs after body lift surgery , but it may be controlled by compression garments and the use of drain tubes to siphon off excess fluid. The patient meets Dr. Lajo weekly for post-op adjustments. It takes two weeks or longer for full healing. The lower body lift may be done in conjunction with liposuction.

To date, he has accomplished not a few procedures of the lower body lift, all with life-changing results of the patient invloved. If one cannot maneuver the body properly, due to the gravity of fat and skin, one is a strong candidate for this type of surgery that has practical, as well as aesthetic , life-enhancing results.