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From: Tessa / [email protected]

After multiple consultations with a plethora of plastic surgeons, I knew Dr. Marlon Lajo of Healthway Medical was a cut above the rest. Most surgeons would impose what they think is good for you not considering what “you” the client wants. I found that very frustrating when I corresponded to a few others in his field of practice. With Dr. Lajo, he makes the necessary suggestions but takes your opinions at hand, listening to my needs and addressing my concerns and consequently arriving with the best foreseeable outcomes.

I had a bad nose surgery here recently, that left my nose looking ‘off- centred,’ I was very impressed that he took notice of it on our consultation without any prompting on my part. Early result from my revision rhinoplasty is unbelievable and exceeded my expectations.

Furthermore, I was very impressed with his very professional staff, Dr. Ulyis Calinisan, nurses Chet Francisco and Mavic Reyes who upheld their duty of care not just to me but to my daughter as well who unfortunately felt very ill during the supposedly day of surgery; choosing instead to postpone the operation rather than risking any untoward medical emergency. Dr. Calinisan, intraoperatively, gave me thorough explanations of what to expect perioperatively making sure I was pain-free the whole time. The nurses were holistic in their approach of nursing care. Dr. Lajo and his team were down to earth but knowledgeable and competent in their field.

I can testify to the quality of their work and would recommend Dr. Lajo to everyone seeking a very competent Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

My entire experience has been excellent and probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Dr. Lajo has enhanced my overall appearance. He did an incredible job!