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Facelift / Browlift / Necklift

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Also, “Rhytidectomy”. This is a multiprocedure surgical operation for the purpose of rejuvenation of the facial contours, including all regions of the face and the anterior and lateral cervical areas. Recommendations for aesthetic facial correction may be custom-designed for each person, while envisioning future needs for the maintenance and preservation of the improvement to be gained. Surgical facelift has four basic types, namely, skin only, skin and submuscular aponeurotic system(SMAS)-platysma, skin and SMAS-platysma and midface suspension and lastly, deep plane and/or a combination of the first, second, and third. Recent advances in facelift gears toward minimally invasive type.

From laser resurfacing, to Fraxel, Radiofrequency, to Thermage but results of such are not always long lasting . Minimally invasive facelift includes feather lift, aptos threadlift, contour thread lift to minimal access cranial suspension lift(MACS), a modified S-lift. As a board certified plastic surgeon, all these options are readily offered to patients. The surgeon then writes a menu of recommended facelift and ancillary procedures considered ideal for the patient’s facial conditions.